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AALikeThese2 Mar. 5th, 2008 @ 03:45 pm
African Americans of Asian related interests. This includes cosplay, egl, anime, manga, conventions, jrock, Asian culture, etc. We're gamers, we're punk, we're goth and whatever in between. The goal is to unite fellow African Americans with similar interests in a community that won't label them the "odd ball" or anything like that. If interested, you can check it out at

Visit AALikeThese2: Uniting African Americans with Asian Interests

Add it, not me lol

Sorry if you view this as spam. I'm just trying to reach my targeted audience, hence why your community is seeing this post.

A call to all you assemblers out there Oct. 10th, 2007 @ 04:57 pm
I would like to run a thermal model in real-time. The problem with this, is that it can be quite demanding on the processor, so I started wondering where the limits for how big a model can be, or how fast a computer would have to be to run one.

I'm only interested in conduction and radiation, so that trims the calculations down somewhat, but even so it quickly becomes large. The biggest problem I have is that I don't know assembler from which to calculate the number of operations required, so I was hoping somebody could help me out...

Basically, you have n nodes - each of which can be linked to other nodes by conduction or radiation. For simplicity, I might assume a simple model has 100 nodes, with an average of 4 nodes linked by conduction and another 6 by radiation. Though I'd much prefer a solution in terms of x nodes, with y conductive links and z radiative links.

The calculation would proceed as follows:
For each node, calculate variable E
for i = 1 to x
E(i) = A * e * s * T^4 -- A, e, s are all constants T is the (variable) temperature of this node

Then calculate the conductive/radiative links for each node (this code wouldnt work, but the numbers are representative)
for i = 1 to x
R = 0
for j = 1 to y { R += F(i,j) * E(j) } -- F is a constant, E calculated above
C = 0
for j = 1 to z { C += k(i,j) * (T(i) - T(j)) / L(i,j) } -- k and L are a constants
Q(i) = C + R - E(i) + H(i) -- H is constant
T(i) = Q(i) / K(i) -- K is a constant

So... how many operations is that in terms of x, y, z? (a million thanks to anybody who can help on this one!)

Fiber optic questions. Oct. 4th, 2007 @ 10:10 pm
The company I work at is going to be purchasing a 6509 later this year. As the new guy on the IT team a bunch of research questions have fallen on my desk. So here the are without to much fanfare.

Other than the cost of the cable itself is there any reason to shy away from the use of single-mode cabling for MAN applications?
We have been having single-mode lines pulled concurrently with multi-mode fiber for some years at the campus(2x4SML+3x4GKL). Yet there is not a single devices using it in any of the single mode lines in our 20 odd closets. We hope to upgrade most or all of our network to gigabit speeds after the core switch upgrade. But many of the closets are way outside the 220/300 meter limit of most of the multi-mode gigabit standards supports. Yet nearly all of them have dark single-mode fiber just sitting there doing nothing. It’s all spliced into the patch panels and ready to go.

Can any SR, LR, LX4, LRM card work with any other card type as long as those standards are identical?
IE can a XENPAK-LRM card be connected to any X2-LRM, XPAK-LRM, XENPAK-LRM, XFP-LRM?
(6704 only supports XENPAK’s and the 3560E only supports X2’s)

Wanted: Exchange Server 5.5 Oct. 2nd, 2007 @ 03:10 pm
I'm looking for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, with product key. Anybody got a copy gathering dust somewhere?

Battlefield 1942 Aug. 20th, 2007 @ 05:22 pm
So its been a little while since I've played the game and I have it all installed but my list of servers i can play on is very limited. i try downloading patches etc, and it just says i have the latest version and that no update is required blah blah blah. can someone help me figure out how to fix this? Before i re-installed Road to Roam and Secret Weapons (the 2 expansions) i had more servers i could play on, now i cant play those same servers.
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» Is there any way to save the hard drive?
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» Graphics tablet comparison
I am going to buy a graphics tablet. I'm considering the Wacom Graphire3, Wacom Graphire4 (in Classic A6 and Classic XL A5 formats), the Aiptek HyperPen 12000 (A4), and possibly looking at others, depending on what's going. I'm not sure on pricing yet, eBay seems to have quite a few good cheapish ones going, as does the Wacom used graphics tablet store thing. I'm even looking at the older Graphires, as they're apparently quite comparable, bar a couple of of extra buttons. Spotted a particularly cheap Trust v1200 (previous name Wireless Scroll Tablet TB-4200) going on eBay which I might pick up if it goes cheaply enough to test (or give to a friend who wants one!), but I'd appreciate any advice / thoughts / comparisons people have. A lot of people swear by their Wacom tablets, but I'd particularly appreciate advice from people who've used multiple brands / varieties of the tablets. Most of my work comes down to web design and web graphics creation.

I did quite a bit of googling before hitting the communities, and the general vibe I've got is that there is mixed opinion over the 'other' brands, and most people seem to love Wacom, except for their prices. I thought I'd ask some of the community to see if the bias is the same here too.

Thanks in advance!

(Slightly crossposted to tech communities, apologies if you see this more than once.)
» (No Subject)
I have a Mac OS X and my keyboard won't work (i'm on my desktop right now.) It worked this morning, but it won't now. Some keys work, some keys don't. I'll restart it, and others will and others won't. Sometimes all won't, sometimes all will but type 5 of them. Anybody know why it would be doing this or any suggestions of what to do?
» Uh Oh....
I am running vista business and I tried to install Daemon Tools. D-tools nuked my CD Rom drivers. I can't get my CD Roms reinstalled and I downloaded new drivers from the Lite-On site and the update says I don't even have those drive installed! How can I get my CD-Rom drives back?

My Drives:
Lite-On SOHC-5232K
Lite-On SOHW-1633W

» OS X 10.4 on bw G3
I recently acquired an old b&w G3 codenamed Yosemite and would like to install OS X. It has the 400 MHz proc., 40g hard drive and 256m of ram and fire wire. I updated the os to 9.2.2 and updated the firmware. Originally I was using a back-up copy of Tiger but discovered that the computer did not have a DVD drive. I put in an extra I had that of course did not have the apple firmware built into it. I got an apple drive that was broken. Finally get a working apple DVD drive and the machine will not boot from the disc. If you boot from the hard drive you can browse the disc and see that it is indeed a Tiger install disc. I tried an external USB DVD drive and got similar results. I tried to set the startup disk to both of devices and tried to double click on the installer which will also restart the computer. I get the error about unable to find hardware device and it won’t reboot to that device.

I got a new iMac and attempted to try target disk mode over fire wire. The G3 would not boot into target disk mode. Everything I read online says the Yosemite supports target disk mode. The iMac was an Intel machine so I’m not sure if that was part of the issue.

I finally broke down and got my own copy of Tiger. It will boot the machine and come up as if it were going to install OS X but then throws up an alert and says this software cannot be installed on this machine.

I tried installing it with xpostfacto4 but it won’t open on 9.2.2 saying it cannot find the appropriate program to open.

I’ve read about taking an image of the install disc and putting it on an extended fire wire hard drive, but I don’t have access to as external fire wire hard drive and I’d hate to purchase one if it is just another futile attempt.

I read that apple says the b&w G3 will only run OS X 10.2 but I was unable to confirm that from Apple's site. And I don’t want to have to buy another copy of OS X if it also will be futile.

Any suggestions or pointers to what I may be missing would be much appreciated.
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