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EU fines Intel euro1.06 billion ($1.45 billion) May. 13th, 2009 @ 02:25 pm
BRUSSELS – The European Union fined Intel Corp. a record euro1.06 billion ($1.45 billion) on Wednesday, saying the world's biggest computer chip maker used illegal sales tactics to shut out smaller rival AMD.

The fine exceeded a euro899 million monopoly abuse penalty for Microsoft Corp. last year. Intel called the decision "wrong" and said it would appeal.

Intel, based in Santa Clara, California, has about 80 percent of the world's personal computer microprocessor market — and faces just one real rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The European Commission says Intel broke EU competition law by exploiting its dominant position with a deliberate strategy to keep AMD out of the market that limited customer choice.

It said Intel gave rebates to computer manufacturers Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and NEC for buying all or almost all their x86 computer processing units, or CPUs, from Intel and paid them to stop or delay the launch of computers based on AMD chips.
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he said that the Motherboard is compatible with Vista, but Vista is not Compatible with this mother Apr. 3rd, 2009 @ 01:27 pm
Yet another reason not to buy Intel.

Intel D945GNT Motherboard problem - SATA Controller Stays on UDMA Mode 2 in Vista, Transfer rates stay on 33Mbps.

The maximum transfer rates that Intel D945GNT Motherboards SATA controller can achieve is 100 MB/s (UDMA mode 5) in windows XP. In Vista It stays at 33 MB/s (UDMA Mode 2). This is because D945GNT has an Emulated SATA controller. It means that the SATA controller will look like a Parallel ATA Device to the Operating system, and the Operating system will handle it as a Parallel ATA device. Windows XP handled it quite properly as a ATA 100 Device, but Vista planned to drop the idea, and Does not support many such Emulated SATA controllers. Even in Windows XP it should be ATA/133 (UDMA 6), but since Hard disks speed is 55 - 60 Mbps, ATA/100 (UDMA 5) does not matter much to me. Vista says that Manufacturers will have to provide drivers For their Emulated SATA if they don't work with the Drivers in the Operating System. I searched on Intel website for the Drivers, but they have not yet released it. I was surprised to know that I was the only one to complain about it. I tried installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager, but it kept saying that - this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software .

On the following link Intel says that "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" can be installed on D945GNT motherboard.


I called Intel Support Center (Asia Pacific), I talked to a few people - but they had no idea what so ever! So they transferred my call to MR. Ayan (Intel Technical Support Engineer- Asia Pacific Region). To my horror even he had to search Intel and Microsoft websites to find an answer. Finally he said that Vista keeps it on UDMA 2 and there is no solution, and it was Vistas Mistake. I told him about Microsoft's Declaration that Emulated SATA controllers will need Drivers from the manufacturer, but he just kept blaming Vista for it. Intel Says that D945GNT motherboard is Vista Compatible, I asked him how could Intel say so even after this problem ? His Answer was terrible, he said that the Motherboard is compatible with Vista, but Vista is not Compatible with this motherboard. I told him it means the same thing, he is just saying it the other way around ! but he did not change his statement, if you call him up now and ask him, he will say the same thing.

So my Question is what should we do, many people have the D945GNT motherboard which says - Vista Compatible but are not Vista compatible.

Please Contact abhijit.net@gmail.com if you are facing the same problem. People who can build their own websites, please mirror this site, or create your own, and then submit it to goggle so that people facing the same problem could act together. My Yahoo Messenger ID is - tech_freak_2002 feel free to contact any time.

To see the Performance difference due to this problem see the Image below.

Disk Sequential Read, and Disk Sequential Write - are the part of interest here.(click on the source link for a very large image1,024 x 3,860 )

If this ain't the god's honest truth. Mar. 24th, 2009 @ 08:25 pm

Course.. I've got a palm 3, treo270, psion 5mx, jornada 720, HP 2133, several proper laptops, and an army of linux boxes, and other pc's.
So I can choice any branch at any point and be on the money.

24 SSD's + RAID = Awesome Mar. 11th, 2009 @ 01:42 pm
I don't care if it's obvious a piece of viral marketing. It's cool.
24 256 GB samsung SSD's + God's own gaming rig = absurd hard drive performance.
2000+ megs a second transfer speed
open all of office2007 in 0.5 seconds

Heat pipes? Jan. 12th, 2009 @ 11:29 pm
Does anyone know where to buy raw heat pipes?
2-3mm 80-150m long screen/mesh wick materials.
Other entries
» OSAM: Autorun Manager
OSAM: Autorun Manager - free and powerful utility designed to show you what programs are configured to run during system startup.

   OSAM: Autorun Manager

Some functional features of the program:
  • rootkit detection and removal;
  • the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations;
  • removing "undeletable" objects using the driver;
  • online scanner, which allows you to check all the startup files for viruses;
  • "Dump file as" function for blocked or hidden files;
  • and much much more.
The latest version can be found here.
Also, there is a portable version.
» Конкурс "Антихлам"
Проект «Марсиада» с июля по сентябрь 2008 года проводит конкурс «Антихлам-2008».

Основная цель участников конкурса – суметь выразить идею Антигламура в визуальной форме.

Победитель конкурса получит главный приз – телескоп.

Условия участия в конкурсе


» (No Subject)
Hey all,

I'm a senior at Boston University and I am currently doing some research on B2C software.

I've created a short (10 questions) survey on the subject.

If you're involved in this sort of stuff, I would greatly appreciate your participation.

survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=lKO8iBzimyHg3s2wJDNM1A_3d_3d

Thanks guys/girls/etc.
» GOOD wireless bridges?
Ok, I'm out on a limb and have invested waay too many sleepless nights trying to get this working.

The Problem: I need to bridge two networks, both in the 192.168.0 subnet. The connection should be as low latency as possible, and have a minimum of 10baseTX. Sounds picky I know, but trust me, becuase I'm using VoIP and a VPN, latency and bandwidth are a must.

I have tried using a pair of Netgear Powerline adapters. These failed. For the time being and as a test, I have the powerline adapters on the same circuit, no surge surpressors in the way, yet I only get about 5 mbit transfer. VoIP goes splat and god help me if I need to pull a report from work.

I thought about a DSL closed loop bridge but that's only 1.5megabit symmetric and that is PAINFULLY slow and would still involve running cable.

I also went the eclectic route and hacked an Airlink router to run DD-WRT as a bridge. This device didn't even stay stable to ping the edge router longer than 4 minutes before I lost connectivity.

My network layout consists of a Linksys wireless router running stock firmware to a main house server via the switch in the back. The main server acts as the VPN endpoint and when connected directly to the Linksys via wired or wireless, the transfer and VoIP take place (albeit wired is significantly faster than wireless, but both are still faster and more reliable than the wireline adapters.) The wired network side of the Linksys goes to the near end powerline adapter.

On the far end network, I have two workstations, nothing fancy here. two PCs, a small 4 port switch and the wireline adapter.

The wireline adapters work great albeit not fast enough to sustain the VoIP and the VPN bandwidth simultaneously.

Because I'm living with friends, I can not run cables in this place and the idea of shooting a cable across the carpet or under the carpet sends shivers (the bad kind) down all of our spines. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has had this issue before? What do you all use to bridge two networks together over wireless?

Thanks for your help!
» Wireless networking.
What is the ultimate wireless access point these days?

I've read enough bad reviews of the Linksys WRT600N to be completely turned off by it. I know the WRT54 is the normal workhorse. But I'm not really worried about the cost on this one. So if money was no object and you were just looking for the ultimate WAP which product would you go with?
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